Hilltop Village Cooperative #4, Inc.
Our co-op is looking for good neighbors like you!
Hilltop Village Cooperatives are a 900 unit community comprised of 9 buildings in 4 sections. They were built in 1953 and were ready for occupancy in 1954. Hilltop Village Cooperatives were initially developed primarily as middle income housing under Section 213, as a residence for veterans returning from service. We now enjoy an open and diverse community.
Located in Holliswood and Queens Village, Hilltop Village Co-op #4 Inc., consists of 3 seven story buildings having 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, manicured grounds and great security.
Our 3 buildings ? the Greenwood, the Hampshire and the Ivy Ridge are fire resistant with fire escapes and are maintained by AKAM Management who we consider as part of our family.
We are currently up to date with government mandated repairs and maintain a respectful portfolio and relatively low maintenance costs which currently include electricity, water, gas and heat in the monthly charges. Fluorescent bulbs are required throughout each unit - we will be changing to LCD lights in all common areas. There is a supplement to the maintenance fee for year round air-conditioning, and parking when available.

You may also be entitled to Star, Enhanced Star, Veterans Disability and/or Senior Citizen Homeowners Exemptions (SCHE) ?that assist in reducing your maintenance payment.
A Financial Statement is issued each year by our Certified Public Accountant.
"We enjoy the comforts of suburban living and our shareholders take pride and enjoy family living at Co-op #4"